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There is no lack of good food: pasta with broad beans, lentil soup, pasta with stewed pork, pasta with wild local mushrooms and cottage cheese, barbecued home reared meat, roast suckling pig, boiled lamb, wild asparagus with scrambled eggs, local cheese and cured meats, freshly picked fruit and vegetables guarantee good eating. However, it is not enough to eat well, it is also necessary to eat healthily and at Monaco di Mezzo the meat, cheese, oil, fruit and vegetables are guaranteed to have been produced absolutely naturally, without the use of chemicals in either their production or their preservation. Monaco di Mezzo is ideal for a weekend away which breaks the grey reality of the city with an explosion of nature.

Price: from € 30.00 to € 50.00 including use of the swimming pool

Breakfast: from Euro 4 to Euro 8

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